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We follow IDD Model, Identify the training need, Design and Customize the content and Deliver in the most effective and result oriented manner.


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Productivity is never an accident.It is always a result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort. “

Paul J Meyer


The Golden Circle of life says, you must know Why you do what you do and How you do what you do and then the what becomes obvious. If the “WHY” is fuzzy the results are either short-lived or not achieved at all. Same is true for any Learning & Development Activity that we do to up-skill yourselves.

Training need Identification is the first and important step of any learning process. The objective and the expected results from the training process must be the primary goal achieved.

The designing and customization of the training content according to the need is the second feather in the cap. Finally, the cherry on the cake is the best facilitation methodology. Passionate trainers andfacilitators guide/mentor to bring about the habitudinal change with lasting effects. This is what we do at ATS.


Training Need Identification

New Hire Orientation

Refresher Training (Soft/Behavioral Training)

V&A and Cultural Sensitization

Sales and Client Inter-action Skills

From being Employed to being an Effective Performer

Personal Effectiveness is about utilizing one’s skills, talents and energy to reach to a set goal/target and give an exceptional performance. It could be classified as effectiveness in personal life and at work-place. Our workshops are designed with anobjective to deliver these set results and make you an effective and excellent performer at work and enjoy a fulfilling personal life.

PS- Get in touch with us for the course outline of the various programs, also we customize the content and time frame according to your requirements

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Employability Skills Training: Swapnila Malpathak

L&D Consultancy Services: Anjali Atre

Leadership Development Training: Yogesh Atre


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